Pre and Post Test Celebrations for K-2

Grades K-2 had a Pre-Test Celebration in order to get ready for their testing.  They participated in an egg roll relay, changing clothes relay and a "candy grab" game.  Everyone was excited and enjoyed themselves!  They also had a Post-Test Celebration with slip-n-slides, water balloons and a sprinkler!  This was to reward the students for putting great effort into the test!

1st Grade PTO Program

The 1st Grade put on a play called "Where the Wild Things Are."  All of them took part in the play and it was fantastic!

Academic Team

Congratulations to the Crab Orchard Academic Team!  They were the runner ups in the district competiton held at Highland Elementary.  Keep up the good work!

Dr. Suess Celebration

The staff and students celebrated Dr. Suess!  Each day was a different theme and everyone was involved.  We enjoyed every moment of our week!