I’ll just tell the truth: I was eager for school to be out. I don’t know why, but it seemed like a long school year. So it’s finally summer. I took my vacation - loved the Rocky Mountains by the way - and have been home now for a few days. And what am I doing? School. Practicing the saxophone. Writing a blog post which no one will probably read because you are all out of school for the summer! 


That’s because during the summer, I really miss seeing you every day. I am excited already about the start of school next year. I am excited to hear the progress that you make and to find out about the things I’ve missed in your lives during June and July. 


So band family, get pumped up. Because when school starts again, I am READY! I have a hundred ideas for things we are going to do and try. Some of ‘em probably won’t work, but that’s ok. We’ll learn together. We are gonna make some music!