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June 2013 Minutes

Lincoln County High School

Advisory Council

May 20, 2013


The Lincoln County High School Advisory Council met in its regular scheduled meeting on May 20, 2013 in the LCHS Media Center office. The meeting was called to order by principal, Tim Godbey at 4:08 pm.


Members Present:                                                                 Guests Present:                     

Tim Godbey                                                                                       

Brad Petrey                                                                             

Natalie Sutton

Kevin Bandura                                                                       



Opening Business

A. Agenda-The agenda was reviewed and there were no amendments.

B. Review minutes of April-The minutes were reviewed and no changes were necessary.

C. Good News Report-Mr. Manion was named Campbellsville University Teacher of the Year.  

E. Public Comment-None

NOTE:  Mr. Fannin, a KDE representative, made suggestions to improve LCHS polices. The Advisory Council will begin this process in June.


Student Achievement

  1. CCR data/celebration-The preliminary data shows that LCHS is at 72% for CCR.  When Fort Logan is factored in we will be at 54%-55%.  On the last day new CCR banners will be put up in the cafeteria.  All students that were CCR will receive a 1.5 CCR shirt.  The graduation accountability rate will fall from 88%-80% for 2012.
  2. EOC Updates-The state of KY is withholding a 2 million payment to ACT due to the issues with EOC.  The report cards will be mailed out without the EOC scores on them. Once the EOC scores have been received report cards will be sent out again. 


  1.  Teacher Professional Growth & Effectiveness (TPGES) Updates-Mr. Godbey finished his principal training and hopes to receive his certification.  
  2.  Professional Development at LCHS 2013-2014-The 2013-2014  PD calendar will be finalized by the June meeting for all teachers at LCHS.
  3. Master Scheduling-The master schedule is complete.
  4. June 1st Quarterly Report-Mr. Ward is working on this data and hopes to have it completed by Friday.
  5. RTI Plan-Every certified individual will be with a group for 6 weeks starting after Labor Day on Friday.  The schedule will be similar to Patriot Time.  There will be four areas of focus:  ELA, Math, At-Risk, and Enrichment.  The content will need to be focused and intent.  There will be roughly 12 per group unless it is an enrichment piece.   Students will be given a pre and post-test.  If results are not showing improvement students may stay the same.
  6. LCHS Vacancies-The following positions are available: 3 Science positions, 1 Math position, 1 Guidance position, and 1 English position.


Budget Report


  1. Review Financial Statements for April 2013-The finances for April were reviewed.


Committee Reports





Old Business



New Business




            The meeting ended at 4:53pm.


Minutes submitted by:

Natalie Sutton

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