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December 2013 Minutes

Lincoln County High School

Advisory Council

December 16, 2013


The Lincoln County High School Advisory Council met in its regular scheduled meeting on December 16, 2013 in the LCHS Media Center office. The meeting was called to order by principal, Tim Godbey at 4:07 pm.


Members Present:                                                                 Guests Present:                     

Tim Godbey                                                                             Tracy Griffin

Natalie Sutton                                                                         Connie Howerton

Doc Spangler                                                                          Karen Hatter

Kevin Bandura

Jennifer Kaiser


Opening Business

A. Agenda-The agenda was reviewed and there were no amendments.

B. Review minutes of November-The minutes were reviewed and no changes were necessary.

C. Good News Report-Winter Showcase was successful. The quality of work displayed improved.  Mrs. Stevens will be recognized at the UK-Tennessee game. Levi Humes (Soccer) & Cassie Smith (Tennis) signed with St. Catherine’s College.  PAS testing went well.

D. Public Comment-None


Student Achievement

  1. Program Review Update from PLCS (Connie Howerton)-Mrs. Howerton provided the council PLCS Review worksheets the goals and improvements for 2013-2014.
  2. Quarterly Report Analysis-Mr. Godbey did not bring the report and will bring PAS data report in January.


  1.  Leadership Review-March 24th & 25th-KDE will be in every classroom and will   interview parents (2-Man State Team) and a (4-Man District Team) will be here.
  2.  Redbook Changes Presentation (Tracy Griffin)-Mrs. Griffin presented the following:  All honors and AP courses benchmarks have been changed to state requirement.  All Honors and AP ELA courses will require a summer reading project.  The following are possible curriculum changes for 2014-2015 school year:  adding Algebra III, changing sequence of social studies courses, changing weighted courses. The following graduation requirement change will be presented at the next LCBOE meeting:  Changing the standard diploma to a career diploma and requiring the state required 22 credits.  An attached graduation requirement would be to pick a career path and earn 3 credits towards that career path.




Budget Report

  1. Review Financial Statements for November 2013-The financial statements were not available at the time of the meeting. The bookkeeper had requested time off.


Committee Reports




  1. Report out on SBDM Policy Review:  Section 5 – Instructional Materials

5.01 Policy-The board has approved a fee approval list. It needs to be included in the policy.  The council would like to see the approved list fee Mr. Godbey is looking to have all lockers have locks on them at all times.  This will provide more locker safety.   

5.0202 Policy- needs to add playaways and remove audio cassettes as materials.

All other media policies had no changes.


Old Business



New Business

  1. Consultation for Hiring:  (Bookkeeper) 16 applicants applied and interviewed 9.  Kathy Scott was hired for the position. Kathy has worked for LCHS in the past. 


Important Dates:

  1. December 20, 2013 CSIP due to KDE



            The meeting ended at 5:43 pm.


Minutes submitted by:

Natalie Sutton

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