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January 2014 Minutes

Lincoln County High School

Advisory Council

January 13, 2014


The Lincoln County High School Advisory Council met in its regular scheduled meeting on January 13, 2014 in the LCHS Media Center office. The meeting was called to order by principal, Tim Godbey at 4:10 pm.


Members Present:                                                                 Guests Present:                     

Tim Godbey                                                                            

Brad Petrey    

Natalie Sutton                                    

Doc Spangler

Kevin Bandura


Opening Business

A. Agenda-The agenda was reviewed and there were no amendments.

B. Review minutes of October-The minutes were reviewed and no changes were necessary for both meetings.

C. Good News Report-The Academic Team went 12-0 this season. Meet the Patriots was a success. Rachel Spangler scored 1 of the 2 goals scored in the all-state soccer game.

D. Public Comment-None


Student Achievement

  1. Gallup Poll Data-The Gallup Poll Data shows that 52% of students felt hopeful, 43% are engage and 67% are thriving. The poll is measured of non-cognitive metrics that predicts student success in academic and other youth development settings.


  1.  Diagnostic Self-Assessment Review/Update on 1 day visit by KDE-We are still awaiting to hear from KDE will be here.  They will mainly focusing on Standard 3:  Teaching & Assessing.
  2.  CSIP Planning- The CSIP is due December 20th.  The TAT and staff have analyzed the quarterly report and reviewed data.


Budget Report


  1. Review Financial Statements for October 2013- The finances for October were reviewed and there were no changes necessary. The board gave the band a loan in the amount of $1,900 (Section 6) and must be paid back in 5 years.  The band cannot ask for any other allocations.
  2. SIG Review/Plans for Audit- The representative from the state department will be here on December 3rd.  Mr. Godbey included the SIG fund breakdown for the last 2 years. 


Committee Reports




  1. SBDM Policy Review:  Section 5- Instructional Materials:  Mr. Godbey assigned Section to the council to review over the next month and is to come back in December and recommend any necessary changes. 


Old Business



New Business

  1. Consultation for Hiring:  Kendra Sanders was hired for the computer lab assistant for the remainder of the year.  The job will be reposted in May 2014.


Important Dates:

  1. December 3, 2013 SIG Audit by KDE
  2. December 20, 2013 CSIP due to KDE



            The meeting ended at 5:00pm.


Minutes submitted by:

Natalie Sutton

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