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March 2014 Minutes

Lincoln County High School

Advisory Council

 March 17, 2014


The Lincoln County High School Advisory Council met in its regular scheduled meeting on Marchn17, 2014 in the LCHS Media Center office. The meeting was called to order by principal, Tim Godbey at 4:00 pm.


Members Present:                                                                 Guests Present:                     

Tim Godbey                                                                             Karen Hatter

Natalie Sutton

Brad Petrey                                                                             

Doc Spangler                                                                         

Kevin Bandura

Jennifer Kaiser


Opening Business

A. Agenda-The agenda was reviewed and there were no amendments.

B. Review minutes of February-The minutes were reviewed and no changes were necessary.

C. Good News Report-Nine Students placed at EKU for the regional FBLA competition.  Several FFA students placed at regional competitions.  LHCS did a great job hosting the Girls’ 12th region basketball tournament.  The boys won 45th district championship.  Amber Goens logo design was chosen for the BBQ Festival presented by the Lincoln County High School.

D. Public Comment-None


Student Achievement

  1. Review of 3rd Quarter Data Report-Mr. Godbey presented a report a Non-cognitive Report.  The report aw the following:
    1. Attendance:  Seniors and teachers have the highest rate of attendance since 2008.
    2. CCR Data:  At the end of December we were at 43.4%.  Industry Certificates & KOSSA still have to be taken.  The delivery target is 56.2%.  There are over 100 students taking these tests on Thursday and Friday.
    3. 9th Grade success Rates by Subject: All subjects show passing rates as previous years.  Math passing rates have improved due to the common grading (learn checks). Integrated Social Studies still has the highest failing rate.


  1. SIG Grant Updates-LCHS was the first to send in SIG report to KDE.  Mr. Godbey found out after the fact that LCHS is not eligible for the 1.5 million because he was not removed as principal.  Mr. Godbey is hoping that will not punish the school. 
  2. Leadership Audit Information-Will be here on March 24th




Budget Report

  1. Review Financial Statements for February 2014-The finances for February were reviewed and there were no changes necessary.
  2. Approve Tentative Allocations for 2014-2015- The $113,500 allocation was discussed.  We only budget 92% and leave 8% contingency.  Mr.  Godbey will start meeting with departments next week and come to the council next meeting with a budget. Staffing was discussed for 2014-2015.  Mr. Godbey will be posting a foreign language position. Currently we are having to offer Spanish I online for students.  We currently have staffs that are certified to teach social studies and they can replace the social studies retirement vacancy.   


Committee Reports




  1. Report out on SBDM Policy Review:  Section 6 – Student Support Services
    1. 6.0101-Remove
    2. 6.0102-Add  V. for Credit Attainment and remove any computer software names and replace with research approved software.
    3. 6.0103-Remove
    4. 6.0104-Remove
    5. 6.02-Change by home room groups to by grade level.
    6. 6.04-Add advisors will elect 2 individuals (1) male & (1) female to represent their advisory.
    7. 6.05-Remove
    8. 6.06-Remove

Old Business



New Business



Important Dates:




            The meeting ended at 5:20 pm.


Minutes submitted by:

Natalie Sutton

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