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February 2015

Lincoln County High School

Advisory Council

 February 9, 2015


The Lincoln County High School Advisory Council met in its regular scheduled meeting on February 9, 2015 the LCHS Media Center office. The meeting was called to order by principal, Tim Godbey at 4:07.


Members Present:                                                                 Guests Present:                     

Tim Godbey                                                                            

Natalie Sutton                                                                                     

Kevin Bandura

Jennifer Kaiser 

Jeff Wesley                                                                                          


Opening Business

A. Agenda-The agenda was reviewed and there were no amendments.

B. Review minutes of February-The minutes will be reviewed during the January meeting.

C. Good News Report-Archery team is doing very well this season.  FCCLA had 4 competitors placed 1st and will go to state in March.  The Hall of Fame game went very well.  SIG money will continue after we exit priority for the remaining two years or when the money is spent.  The girls’ basketball drew the number one seed.

D. Public Comment-None


Student Achievement

A.     Review of March testing plan-Seniors can job shadow or do college visit the day of ACT testing.  It will be considered a field trip with the proper forms. Those that do not choose to participate will be housed in the auditorium.  All ACT testing will take place on site.  Freshmen will take the PLAN and sophomores will take the EPAS. Modification schedules will take place on March 4 and 5th because there are not enough calculators in the building.  Schedules will be given out next week.  Each department has their own plan on ACT prep. 


A.    Update on SBDM Policy Manual-Zach Marinelli met with Mr. Godbey on a recent day to refine the SBDM policy book.  Mr. Godbey revised the manual and is going to bring back the manual and eliminate unnecessary policies. The advisory council will not end at the priority status.  The SBDM will not return January 2018 because we must show we were successful. 

B.     Update on 30 Day Improvement Plan-TAT will meet next Tuesday and the administration feels that we have a great 30 day plan.


Budget Report

  1. Review Financial Statements for January 2015-Spring Musical has ordered all supplies.  Once tickets are sold the account will be back in the black.  Patriot Printing had to order supplies. 
    1. SB Grading Policy-The council reviewed the grading policy.  Mr. Bandura focused on number 2.  Remove practice assignments will not factor into the student’s final grade from rough draft.    It will say up to 10% of the grade will be misc.  On number 5 it states that only 4s will be entered into the gradebook, however he wants retake scores to be entered in the gradebook. He wants to be able to show parents and students their improvement.  Number 6 will be removed from the policy.  On page 2, the following will change 4 points=100%, 3 pts=75%, 2 pts=50%, 1pt =25%, and 0=0%.  On page 4, the following needs to be changed on how do we arrive at a final grade.  Final Exams=15%, Summative/Learning Checks/Other formative factors w/ principal approval.  Each department will determine percentages.  Remove the last sentence under student accommodations/modifications.  


Old Business



New Business



            The meeting ended at 5:00pm.


Minutes submitted by:

Natalie Sutton

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