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Gifted Education



Policy and Procedures
704 KAR 3
Gifted and Talented Assurances
KRS 157.200 Definitions including Gifted & Talented

Forms in Handbook
Forms - Contents of Handbook
1st Page of Handbook Checklist for Identification and Serving
Parent Letter with Response Form
Memo to 4-5 GR.Teachers - Initial Testing
Memo to Teachers - List of Students Identified
Memo to Parents with Checklist
GI Parent Permission for Individual Evaluation
Memo Parent Letter with Request for Input for GSSP
Parent Response Form A Service Options Grades 4-5
Parent Response Form B Service Options Grades 6-12
Parents Response Form C Interests Grades 6-12
Parents Response Form D Interests for Grades 4-5
Student Interest Inventory Form A
Student Interest Inventory Form B
Student Interest Inventory Form C
Student Learning Styles Inventory What Are My Learning Strengths
Memo Teacher Letter with Newly Identified Student Name
Parent Letter  with GSSP and Grievance Form
Procedural Safeguards and Grievance Form
Note about GSSP
GSSP Template Grades 4-5 2009
Low Socioeconomic Checklist
Underachieving Checklist
Note on Yellow Folders
Yellow Cumulative Folder GT Info Sheet
Yellow Folder Cover
Professional Memo Parent Letter with Response form
Teacher Signature Sheet for 4-12 Handbook
Teacher Signature Sheet for PTP Handbook

Identification - General Intellectual Ability
General Intellectual ID Process Final
General Intellectual Flowchart Final
General Intellectual Jot Down
General Intellectual Teacher Checklist
General Intellectual Parent Checklist
Memo to Teachers - Initial Testing
General Intellectual Parent Permission for Individual Evaluation
General Intellectual Request for Assessment Final

Identification - Specific Academic
Specific Academic ID Process
Reading - Teacher Checklist
Reading - Parent Checklist
Math - Teacher Checklist
Math - Parent Checklist
Science - Teacher Checklist
Science - Parent Checklist
Social Studies - Teacher Checklist
Social Studies - Parent Checklist
Specific Academic Jot Down

Identification - Leadership
Leaderhsip Identification
Leadership Teacher Checklist
Leadership Elementary Student Self Assessment
Leadership Peer Questionnaire
Note on Roets Rating Scale for Leadership
Dr. Lois Roets Rating Scale for Leadership Grades 5-12
Leadership Parent Checklist
Leadership Professional Checklist
Leadership Jot Down
Jot Downs for All Areas

Identification - Creative - Divergent Thinking
Creative - Divergent Thinking Identification Process 1
Creative - Divergent Thinking  Identification Process 2
Creative - Divergent Thinking Teacher Checklist
Creative - Divergent Thinking Jot Down
Creative - Divergent Thinking Parent Checklist
Creative Writing Jot Down
Creative Writing Teacher Checklist
Low Socioeconomic Checklist
Underachieving Checklist

Identification - Visual and Performing Arts
Dance - Identification Process
Dance - Jot Down
Dance - Teacher Checklist 
Dance - Interest Inventory Students
Dance - Interest Inventory Students Scoring Guide
Dance - Interest Inventory Parents
Dance - Interest Inventory Parents Scoring Guide
Drama - Identification Process
Drama -  Jot Down
Drama - Teacher Checklist
Drama - Interest Inventory Students
Drama - Interest Inventory Students Scoring Guide
Drama - Interest Inventory Parents
Drama - Interest Inventory Parents Scoring Guide
Music - Identification Process
Music - Elementary Teacher Checklist
Music - Middle & High School Teacher Checklist
Music Jot Down
Music - Parent Interest Inventory - Form M
Parent Interest Inventory Scoring Guide
Music - Interest Inventory Students - Form M
Music - Student Interest Inventory Scoring Guide

Resources in Handbook
Contents of Handbook under Resources
Definitions of the Five Areas of Gifted Education
Definitions of Service Options
704 KAR 3285 Differentiation Is - Is Not
Suggested Instructional Teaching Strategies
Quick Reference Guide to GSSP Teaching Strategies
Instructional Strategies and Service Options for all Areas of Giftedness for the GSSP
Principles of Differentiation - Instructional and Management Strategies for Differentiation
Link to the Reference Series on Creative - Divergent Thinking Leadership, and Visual - Performing Arts

Program Evaluation
Note in Evaluation Tab in Handbook
Example of the Annual KDE Summative Evaluation Form
LC GT Evaluation Blank Tally Form Administration
LC GT Evaluation Blank Tally form Elementary Teachers
LC GT Evaluation Blank Tally Form Middle and HS Teachers
LC GT Evaluation Blank Tally form Parents
LC GT Evaluation Blank Tally Form Students
LC GT Evaluation Results Tally Form
LC GT Evaluation Survey Administrators and Counselors 
LC GT Evaluation Survey APC
LC GT Evaluation Survey Parents Elementary
LC GT Evaluation Survey Parents Grades 6-12
LC GT Evaluation Survey Student for 6-12 grade
LC GT Evaluation Survey Students  Elementary
LC GT Evaluation Survey Teachers
LC GT Survey results template2 xlsx

Frequently Asked Questions Link to KDE Website
FrequentlyAsked Questions Updated 2011

Jot Down Forms for All Areas
Jot Downs for All Areas

Handbook Items
Spine for District Handbook K - 12
Spine Title Teacher Handbook 4 - 12
Spine Title for PTP
Large Spine for Teacher Handbook 4 - 12
Spine for Teacher Handbook 4 - 12
Cover for 4 - 12 Teacher Handbook
Cover for District GT Handbook
Frequently Asked Questions
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