COE SBDM Council Members 2020-21

Justin Abbott, Principal

Nicole Isaacs, Teacher

Tonya Calfee, Teacher

Ashlee Childress, Teacher

Kristee Wooten, Parent

Emily Abee, Parent

The School-Based Decision Making (SBDM) Council consists of two parents, three teachers, and the school principal.
The school-based decision making process gives parents, teachers, and the principal substantial control over how a school operates. They are charged with the task of finding the most effective ways to achieve the goals set for all students under KERA. Information about school-based decision making councils is found on the Kentucky Department of Education, School-Based Decision Making Page.
This council, advised by the school's staff, makes policies on curriculum, instructional practices, schedules for the school's staff and students, uses of school space, discipline and classroom management, and extracurricular programs. The council also decides what instructional materials the school will use, what support services the school will provide for its students, and how many people the school will employ in each job classification.
The meetings of the council and its committees are open to the public and all interested persons are encouraged to attend.
The parent members of the council are elected by parents of Crab Orchard Elementary students during a scheduled PTO meeting. The teacher members of the council are elected by a majority vote of the school's faculty.
Please refer to our school calendar for dates and time of SBDM meetings.

KY PTA Parent SBDM Handbook

Alignment with State Standards Policy

Anti Bullying

Check Out Policy-Library

Collection Policy - Library

Committee Policy

Consultation Policy

Copier Policy

Curriculum Policy

Discipline Policy

Emergency Plan Policy

Extra Curricular Activity

Grading Policy


Instructional Practices Policy

Parent Involvement Policy

Primary Policy

Principal Selection Policy

Schedule Policy

School Space Policy

Security Policy

Staff Assignment Policy

Student Assignment Policy

Technology Policy

Wellness Policy


AR Program Description


Technology Plan

Handwriting Alignment

Title 1 Compact

On Demand Writing Framework