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Hello from Hustonville Elementary. We are excited to welcome you to our school. Our Vision here at Hustonville Elementary is Helping Students, Excel their Minds, and Strengthen Their Future and that means doing whatever it takes to lead, guide and assist your child in making the most of their abilities.

Success is not an apples to apples proposition when we are discussing students. As human beings we are all blessed with attributes that make us special. Those attributes make certain things come easy to us while creating challenges in other aspects of our lives. Our goal at Hustonville is to further develop the skills and gifts of your child through varied rigorous learning opportunities while working with them to overcome their challenges.

We are a special school for many reasons. Two of our greatest attributes are our staff’s passion for working with students and the relationships they build as a result. Our staff works diligently to do whatever it takes for each and every child in our care to be successful. They work as Professional Learning Comminutes to make data driven decisions for us as a school, for each of their classes and for individual students. They problem solve based on data. Teachers analyze daily formative assessments, summative assessments and standardized test results to guide their decision making and individualize plans for their students.

Parents, for your child to be as successful as possible we need your help as well. We need you to see that your child is at school every day possible and to hold them accountable for their efforts while at school. Results are important in life, whether it is grades in school, achieving goals or winning or losing but the effort is what is most important. Emphasize to your child the importance of doing their best in everything they attempt in life; praise their effort when you know they have done their best. We are all born into our own unique circumstances in life that are out of our control. Some are better than others, but one thing we have total control of is the effort we give. If we give maximum effort, that alone is a measure of success; the results will take care of themselves. My promise to you is that we will give our best effort for your child.

Finally, we here at Hustonville Elementary are thankful for the opportunity to serve such a great community and we appreciate the support you give us. Let’s continue to work together to make every student successful while at Hustonville Elementary and more importantly prepare them for success in life.


Jeff Craiger,

Hustonville Elementary School Principal         

2019-2020 Student Engagement Survey