Dual Credit Juniors and Seniors

Please contact Tracy Wright if you are interested in Dual Credit Classes. tracy.wright@lincoln.kyschools.us

Current postsecondary institutions partnered with Lincoln County High School:

EKU, Campbellsville University

In Dual Credit, a student is enrolled in a course which allows him/her to earn high school credit and college credit simultaneously. This course may be taught on a college campus or on a high school campus, but it will be in conjunction with a college or university. Dual credit courses must comply with KRS 158.007(8) which defined dual credit as "a college-level course of study developed in accordance with KRS 164.098 in which a high school student receives credit from both the high school and postsecondary institution in which the student is enrolled upon completion of a single class or designated program of study." Published: 2/13/2020

Who Can Participate?

Dual-credit course are wonderful learning opportunities for high school students, but there are some limits on who can participate. Most states have rules regarding how dual credit can be delivered in the host state to ensure that course rigor is adequately matched with student capabilities.

Most dual-credit programs are limited to juniors and seniors in high school, and typically students must maintain a certain cumulative GPA — usually between 2.5 and 3.0. Since a college course is more challenging than a high school course, the school, university, and government want to ensure that they set students up for success.

The universities that are partnered with your high school should be following state guidelines and will be able to tell you more about student eligibility criteria in your state.

The credit is usually transferable.

Most dual-credit courses can be transferred either to the program’s host university or to other universities nationally.

You are better prepared for college.

Dual-credit courses will enable you to start college knowing what to expect in terms of academics. As a first-year student, you will likely feel more confident as you take first-semester courses, since you’ll have already experienced what it is like to take a college class. Additionally, students who participate in dual-credit programs learn about the administrative processes of taking college courses. You will be able to navigate registration, enrollment, and payments before you set foot on campus.

You are granted access to university resources.

Dual-credit programs give students exposure to campus resources and university faculty. There are also dedicated staff members who are happy to help students.

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