In an effort to help schools have more of a say in how they are operated, KY legislators enacted a law (KRS 160.345) requiring school boards to set up school-based decision-making councils. With SBDM councils in place, schools are able to serve the specific and unique needs of the students in their building by being able to plan, write, and carry out its own policies and plans for school and student achievement.

The SBDM Council at LCMS is no exception. It gives the principal, teachers, and parents the authority to determine the direction that our school takes.

The primary goal of the SBDM is to help students to be better educated by letting the people closest to the students make decisions about helping them. For that reason, school councils usually include six people: the principal (who serves as chairperson), three teachers (elected by the teachers), and two parents (elected by parents who have children who attend the school).

With the help and guidance of the council, LCMS hopes to fulfill its mission to assist students to reaching their fullest potential in the best environment possible.

The SBDM Council makes decisions about the following:

  • curriculum
  • instruction and instructional materials
  • assignments of students and space
  • master schedule
  • discipline and classroom management
  • extracurricular programs and policies
  • procedures, consistent with board policy, for determining alignment with state standards, use of technology, and program evaluation
  • school budget
  • School Improvement Plan (SIP)

SBDM By-laws and Policies


Click this link to access all new meeting agendas and minutes.

The school council sets policies, but the principal continues day-to-day operation and management of the school.


SBDM Council Chair: Mrs. Stacy Story,  Principal

Teacher members: Brittany Dale, Kendra Funkhouser, and 

Parent members:  Brittany Fletcher and Christina Harrison

SBDM Secretary:  Tina Lasure