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Results from the Return to School Survey

*The survey fielded 1,360 responses and accounted for over 1,900 people (some responses had multiple students in their household). 

*Survey responders left 722 comments and suggestions.

1. If offered, will your student return to standard (five day a week) in-person school this August and follow all Healthy at School guidelines?

  • 58.7%    YES
  • 32.6%    NO

2. If offered, would your student be interested in an NTI/online school option, instead of attending in-person?

  • 67.1%    YES
  • 28.3%    NO

3. Do you have reliable internet access (example: can you stream YouTube and movies, etc.)?

  • 90.7%    YES
  • 9.3%    NO

4. The Healthy at School Guidelines released by the KDE require all staff and students to wear a mask in situations where six ft social distancing is unobtainable. Will you be able to provide your student with a mask?

  • 84.4%    YES
  • 15.6%    NO

5. Will your student be riding a school bus?

  • 39.6%    Yes, twice a day
  • 1.3%    Yes, morning route only
  • 7.4%    Yes, afternoon route only
  • 46.1%    No, my student will not be riding a school bus