Board meetings are customarily the first and second Thursday of each month. The first is a Working meeting; board members use this meeting to review agenda items, ask questions and have discussion. The second is the Regular meeting. Board members vote on agenda items and those items are passed, not passed, or tabled for future action, additional information, or revisions.

Board requests are due no later than 10 days before the regular meeting. It’s important to remember, items submitted MUST have the building principal’s signature.

Feel free to check that the request was received by the Board Secretary through an email to or by phone to the Student Support Center at 606-365-2124.

Request forms are available at Clicking the Search icon in the upper right corner and entering ‘Board Forms’ is the easiest way to find them.

Fundraising Requests are submitted to the Board ONLY for school-wide fundraisers (i.e., fundraisers in which all students are participating in the same fundraising activity). Requests are submitted to the school’s SBDM council when only a group (5th grade class, archery team, STLP) is participating in the fundraising activity.

Facility Requests areused by individuals/groups asking to use a gym, café, auditorium, parking lot, or any other school district property for meetings, sports practice & games, plays, and etc. A Certificate of Insurance is required at the time the request is made.

Donation Acceptance Forms are submitted to the Board ONLY when the donation is valued at $1000.00 or more. School personnel must maintain a spreadsheet of all of donations with a value of less than $1000.00 but more than $25.00. The spreadsheet must include the following information: Who Donated, To Whom was it Donated, What was Donated, and Value of the Donation. The donation report is submitted to the Board in June.

Student Trip Requests must be submitted for ANY student trip that meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • The destination is 50+ miles away

  • The destination is out-of-state

  • The trip is overnight

The Student Trip Request Form is the only form submitted to the Board. However, there are additional procedures that cover student trip funding, the permission and medical release form, and the request for a bus so the transportation department is aware that one is needed. Submit the Student Trip Request and Bus Request forms to the building principal for review and approval.

General Requests are used for all other board requests. For example: staff trips, purchases or activities that need Board funding, and presentations.

Leave Requests have no official form and can be typed or legibly handwritten. Be sure to include name, school, job title, type of leave being requested, and the dates of leave. The dates can be adjusted later if medically necessary.

Process to Submit and Item: Select the appropriate form and fill it out completely. Submit the form to the building Principal. Make sure the form is sent to the principal in time for him/her to review, sign, and get it to the Board office before the due date. When the agenda is published be sure to check that the item is listed and is correct.

For questions about forms, submitted agenda items, or other School Board information email or call the Student Support Center at 606-365-2124.