The Leader In Me Program at Waynesburg & Crab Orchard

Waynesburg Elementary Principal Mark Upchurch, says there are two words that every student at his school hears every day--two words that he says are making a positive difference. 

"Two words students hear every morning when they get here--from students, teachers and myself are 'good morning'. Kids come to me now and say, 'Good morning, Mr. Upchurch.' When kids are saying good morning," Upchurch continues,  "their perception of that morning is automatically different than when they're just walking around with their heads down. It impacts the way they see the day that's in front of them."

This small action is just one step that teachers and support staff at Waynesburg Elementary are taking in an effort to create a more positive school culture, an effort that, according to educational research, will make a huge difference in student achievement. It is an intentional approach based on Dr. Stephen R. Covey's work in his best-selling book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

The school-wide transformation process, called The Leader in Me, is also being implemented at Crab Orchard Elementary. According to Principal Dreama Tomlison, it is a long-term commitment.

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Hurray for the Tech Team!!!

Many of us think that if school rooms are ready, teachers are ready, and buses are ready then it's time for school to start. Yes, if there's ice or snow on the roads, roads are flooded, or if there's some other catastrophic event, school may be cancelled. But not having school because the internet is down?  To some, that may seem ridiculous.

While most of us probably use the Internet to read the latest Facebook posts, check emails, look up a recipe, or try to get to level 135 in TwoDots, the Internet has become a critical factor in the running of a school district.  And yes, being without it for an extended period of time can force a school closing or delay a school's opening as it did in Lincoln County, in part, after last week's fire at the central office.  Here's why.

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Technology Restored - Many Thanks!!!!

Last week's fire at the Lincoln County Central Office completely destroyed the technology hub of the school district, creating a problem never before faced by a school in the state of Kentucky.  Seven servers, containing resources and information shared between approximately  2,500 computers throughout the district were lost in the fire.  Almost immediately, the Kentucky Department of Education, district network administrators, and technicians scrambled to restore technology functions to the district.  


According to Network Administrator/Head Technician Bobby Smith, one of the first jobs was re-laying fiber optic cables to create a temporary site for a technology hub.  This hub is located in a mobile unit that formerly housed the Family Resource Center at Hustonville, now set up in the lower parking  lot at the central office.   Service provider AT &T, along with district technicians, worked night and day for two days to install the fiber.   Meanwhile, Birch Communications began working at school sites to connect school systems to AT & T, tying communications together. 

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PBIS Training

Promoting Positive Behavior

Section 6(1) of 704 KAR 7:160
All Kentucky School Personnel are required to complete an online training for the purpose of understanding how to use positive behavior supports for this school year. The required training is titled Promoting Positive Behavior in Schools II

Educators may access Promoting Positive Behavior in Schools II at 

Users must either sign up for free or login with your PBS account. For assistance on enrolling and navigating through the course, download the User's Guide or watch the video tutorials on How to Enroll and Navigating the Course