LC School News
The Lincoln County Board of Education met last night (4/27/23) for the first time in a joint meeting with the Superintendent Screening Committee to outline the superintendent search process. 

KSBA Superintendent Search Consultant Tim Eaton led the meeting. He went over the roles and responsibilites of the screening committee and discussed his role with the process. Mr. Eaton said this is the 51st superintendent search he has led for KSBA and that his primary role was to do the legwork and make sure the district is following the KRS regarding superintendent searches. 

Eaton opened the discussion by giving a statistical breakdown of the superintendent applications receive by the district. The deadline to apply was April 21st. KSBA received 14 applicants for the position. All 14 applicants were males and ranged in educational experience. No specific information (name, current location of employment, etc.) of the applicants was made public last night. Here is what was revealed of the applicants:

1  current superintendent
4 work for central office 
2 current principals
2 from educational organizations
3 teachers
2 others 

Mr. Eaton was pleased with the number of applicants and said 14 was the most he had seen apply since the pandemic. The next step will be for the selection committee to start vetting the candidates and looking for the best fit for Lincoln County Schools. The second screening committee meeting will be on May 9th. The committee will ultimately be narrowing the field down to three to five candidates to recommend to the board. You can view the complete timeline here: LINK