Retirement Announcement
Lincoln County High School Principal Michael Godbey has announced his retirement as principal of the high school. Mr. Godbey began his career in education nearly 30 years ago as an instructional assistant for Lincoln County Schools. He spent time as a teacher and administrator in Lincoln County and in other school districts before retiring from the high school today.

Godbey said the decision to retire was not made lightly and that LCHS holds a special place in his heart that will be cherished forever. “The time has come for me to bid farewell to Lincoln County High School,” said Godbey in his retirement announcement. “I am reminded of the timeless wisdom encapsulated in the words, “To everything there is a season.” After almost nine fulfilling years as principal of LCHS, it is with a full heart of gratitude and appreciation that I announce my retirement.”

Superintendent Bruce Smith along with the Site Based Decision Making Council at the high school will immediately begin the process of hiring an interim principal at the high school to finish up the school year. “An interim principal can come in and help us navigate the remainder of the school year and give us time to properly search for our next head principal of the school,” said Superintendent Smith.