Lewis Cummins

Name: Lewis Cummins 
Where do you work? What do you do there? 
🏫 Lincoln County Middle School/PE teacher, LCHS & LCMS soccer coach
1. What is your favorite thing about your school?   
😎Getting to know the students and building a relationship with them. 
2. How do you spend your free time?  
⚽️Spending time with my family is how I enjoy my free time. A lot of my free time is spent coaching. 
3. What is your favorite food?   
🥩Hamburger and Steak. 
4. What is the best book you’ve ever read?   
📖 The Bible
5. What is your favorite movie?   
🎥 The Rookie
6. If you could pick one place to visit on vacation, where would it be?  
🏝 As long as I am spending time with my family, it doesn’t matter the location. 
7. Who was your favorite teacher growing up?   
👨‍🏫 Mr. Glen Story. He set an example of how to treat everyone.  
8. What is your favorite team? 
⚾️ Baseball- Cincinnati Reds, Basketball-Kentucky Wildcats, Football- Dallas Cowboys 
9. If you could make one rule in life, that everyone had to follow, what would it be?  
😊 Treat others the way you want to be treated. 
10. Do you wear red on Friday?  
🔴 Yes.