LC School News
The Lincoln County Board of Education unanimously voted last night (1/5/22) to rescind the school district consultant agreement with Michael Rowe and to also decline the resignation of Mr. Rowe as superintendent. 

The board met in closed session per KRS 61.810(1)(c) at last night’s working board meeting. Upon returning from closed session, newly-named board attorney Grant Chenoweth said the superintendent’s resignation and consultant contract should not have been the topic of closed session discussions as it was on December 27th. 

Furthermore, Chenowith said by the discussions not being lawfully executed it exposed the board to future litigation. His recommendation to the board was to rescind the consulting agreement and to decline the resignation and go back to the drawing board as to what the relationship looks like for the remainder of the semester.

With the actions taken by the board last night, Michael Rowe is effectively the superintendent of the Lincoln County School District again.