Notice of School-wide job postings

Crab Orchard Elementary has developed a unique way to instill leadership, accountability and pride into their school by implementing a school-wide jobs program. 

This program allows students in the school to hold school wide jobs. Staff members create and sponsor job opportunities within the school for students to perform. To do the jobs, the students must first apply for the specific job and interview for it with the job sponsor. Once they land the job, previous position holders and sponsors train the new hire and students perform the job for nine weeks. Then the process repeats itself. 

A group of staff members, consisting of Pam Lucas, Denise Nyborg, Annie Costa, Kaitlyn Johnson, Lisa Hurd and Rebecca Estep, took the lead in reinstituting the school wide jobs program that is a carryover from when the school participated in Leader in Me. “Our climate and culture team felt it was important for our students to hold school-wide jobs,” said Crab Orchard Elementary Principal Justin Abbott. “Giving our students an opportunity to make our school a better place while learning soft-skills is a win-win.” 

There are jobs for students of all ages, some lend themselves better to primary aged students and some are better suited for intermediate aged (3rd - 5th grade) students. Mr. Abbott said they are cognizant of age and skill level when posting the jobs for students. 

“We do everything we can to ensure the success of one another here,” said Abbott when discussing the togetherness of his school community. “Our adults want our students to take pride in our school, value hard work and make daily contributions to our overall success. In All, We’re All In!”