Mr. Abbott with students
Crab Orchard Elementary School now has a SEALS Team, Students Excelling At Leadership & Service. 

One student from each homeroom was nominated by their teacher to be part of the team. There will be a primary SEALS Team and Intermediate SEALS Team. The teams will allow for more student-centered administrative decision-making at the school. The students are excited to assist in leading the school!

SEALS Team 6 Members (Primary) - Kaitlyn Gallaher, Cooper Merrick, Emmy Johnson, MaryEllen Dietrick, Taylor Pennington, & Ben Durham (not pictured).  

SEALS Team 7 Members (Intermediate) - Hannah Hale, Levi Isaacs, Andrew Carrier, Leanna Pemberton, Athena Morgan, Tey Terry, & Kendall McClure. 

#KidsMatterMost 🐻