Lincoln County Schools Adds Additional School Security

The Lincoln County Board of Education voted to renew its contract with the Stanford Police Department at the June 18th Special Called Meeting. The Board also approved for SPD to increase district-wide school security by providing a third School Resource Officer to the district. 

The Board evaluated three different proposals before voting to accept Option 3. The approved option will provide a full-time SRO at the high school and a full-time SRO at the middle school. Previously, one SRO floated between the two schools.

The newly approved option also allows for a third SRO to travel amongst the elementary schools five days a week. In total, SPD will now be providing three dedicated SRO’s compared to two in past years. 

The increased security and third SRO will only cost the district an additional $32,800 annually. “Option three was the most expensive option but it provided the most security,” said Superintendent Michael Rowe. “The board recently saved the district over $100,000 per year by selecting a new medical provider for the schools. We are now able to use some of those savings to provide more security for our schools. This also helps toward fulfilling the requirements of Senate Bill One (SB1),” said Superintendent Rowe.

“The middle school and high school are the two biggest schools in the district. Having a dedicated SRO at each school was needed and will help us better ensure the safety of our students and staff,” said Lincoln County High School Principal Michael Godbey. “We are very appreciative of the board for making this decision to provide more school security.”

Lincoln County Middle School Principal Stacy Story was also very thankful for the board’s decision to provide LCMS with a full-time SRO. “The role of an SRO can have a tremendous impact upon a school’s culture. We are excited about this new support coming to our Eagle family!”

Superintendent Rowe added, “We are very fortunate to have such a professional police department to work with in providing SRO’s here in Lincoln County. SPD goes beyond the call of duty to help us keep our students and staff safe, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”