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Stanford Police Department and our SROs investigated the social media posts/screenshots and concluded there were no credible threats to students and staff at Lincoln County High School or Lincoln County Middle School. 

Police Chief Zach Middleton said, “SPD spent yesterday, last night, and today ensuring the safety and security of the middle and high school campuses by  providing extra patrol and officer presence. We are also working a joint investigation with Kentucky State Police and federal agencies on this matter. It is our full intent to seek criminal charges and hold any responsible parties accountable for their actions for the disturbances and fear they have caused by making threatening social media posts. The threat may not be credible but the damage caused by posting threats like this is something we take very seriously.”

Our schools are deemed safe for normal school operations and if at any point that changes we will quickly and appropriately react in accordance with our safety protocols. Anytime a threat is knowingly made it is vetted by authorities and a proper response to the matter is determined. 

We appreciate the patience and understanding of our students, parents/guardians and staff these past two days. It is our responsibility to keep people safe in our buildings and we strive to do so. We will continue to be transparent with pertinent information in a timely fashion on all school matters.