Blessings box
Stanford Elementary School has recently installed a blessings box on campus to serve as a food bank for people in the community. The idea originated from a student in the school who suggested to Susan Miller, Stanford Elementary Family Resources Youth Service Center Coordinator, that having one on campus would be a great way to help students and the community. Hebron Lakeside Church built the box for the school and it has been installed on the front of the building near the entrance closest to the cafeteria. 

Fifth grade students at SES also played a huge role in getting this project up and running. Morgan Gourley, a 5th grade student teacher at SES, has helped lead a community food drive to benefit the blessings box initiative. The project also served as an assignment for Morgan who is also a student herself at the University of the Cumberlands. 

In total, students brought in 585 cans of food. Mr. Coles’s class was the top overall class bringing 239 cans of food. The top student was Ben Gooch who brought in 100 cans of food by himself!

Mrs. Miller said she had many people ask how they can help. She said they could do so by picking up snacks such as toasted crackers, beef stew, ravioli, soups, cans of spaghetti and meatballs, mac & cheese, chips, or anything else that would make quick (easy to prepare) meals.