Superintendent with student
Superintendent Rowe has been making his rounds delivering the first Superintendent Awards of the school year. Every school will receive one award for a student and a staff person. Here’s a list of the first recipients of the year:

🔴 LCHS: James Stites (staff) / Sheldon Turner (student)
🦅 LCMS: Katherine Land (staff) / Jaren Reed (student)
🐻 COE: Cafe Staff (Donna Thompson, Ponjetta Fletcher, Norma Lay, Sierra Yauger) / Kaylee Hayes (student)
✈️ HLE: Amanda Gay (staff) / Anna Bugg (student)
🐯 HVE: Sheila McCoy (staff) / Landon Love (student)
🐱 SES: Carl-Lewis Cummins (staff)/ Willa Roberts (student)
🐅 WBE: Brooke Walls (staff) / Elijah Vorpahl (student)

You may view all the pictures here:  LINK